All in one Blockchain supported

Swap your tokens of multiple blockchains

Learn about Features

1. Major Blockchain Supported

PUSH Swap will support multiple blockchains tokens, in one decentralized swap. Just switch your network and connect your wallet and swap it. On the initial launch, ERC20, and BEP20 tokens will be supported.

2. Stack LP token

Add liquidity to Push Swap and get Push liquidity pool tokens. Stake it and yield PUSH up to a maximum of 241%APY, depend upon different pairs.

3. Fast and Secure

BSC (Binance Smart chain) and Ethereum are the fastest blockchains, which confirm the transaction in a few seconds and minutes respectively. The swap will be completed in few seconds. Many decentralized wallets will be supported in Push Swap.

Under Development

PUSH Swap (U.D)

We are working on the development of the PUSH swap. It is necessary to add many features without any bugs. Making it user-friendly and easy to use, and providing liquidity to it, will take some time. Be patience.

When to launch?

we decided to launch PUSH Swap as soon as possible. But, as per the estimated time, PUSH Swap will be launch in the 1st month of the 2nd quarter, 2021.