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Basic Figure

PUSH is the next-generation, decentralized yield optimizing protocol. It is ultra-fast, secure, and reliable, based on Binance Smart Chain. Digital currency should be available for everyone, with huge staking rewards and real flexibility. PUSH Protocol unlocks the real value of the staking, just by holding. The Stacking reward of PUSH is much higher than any other assets. (148% APY), during decentralized wallet holding.

Supply And Distribution

Total Supply: 1,980,700,000 PUSH


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the main purpose of PUSH?

PUSH is the Stacking optimizer. Allow people to get stacking rewards more than any normal cryptocurrency. 148% APY only? As PUSH stacking is decentralized, just depend on holding, therefore, it is very decent return for our investors.

2. What is the main Highlight of PUSH Swap?

PUSH Swap is a multi-blockchain-based Swap. One initial launch, ERC-20 And BEP20 tokens will be supported. We will try our best to implement more blockchains in one swap.

3. Why we are giving free PUSH?

We are nothing without you. It is necessary to develop a community of PUSH and distribute as much as rewards among them, for the circulation of PUSH.

4. When you will receive your free PUSH?

Free PUSH will be distributed before listing. By the way, we are not talking about decentralized listing. Once, PUSH lists to any centralized exchange, tokens will be distributed before it.

5. what is the worth of 100 Free PUSH?

It will depend on market demand or market price. at the time of distribution. But our initial listing price is approximately $0.2. (0.0008 BNB, as per $250 per BNB).

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